Go Global on the Atlanta Beltline With CEO Brian McGowan, GCIV and Global Atlanta – April 19, 2018

The Belgian American Chamber of the South was thrilled to partner with Global Atlanta and the GA Council for International Visitors for their unique event “Go Global on the Atlanta Beltline”.

Thank you to those who joined us.

We had the pleasure to taste delicious New Realm beers while networking and enjoying the Atlanta view from the rooftop of New Realm Brewing. We also learned how the nonprofit and news service each help drive Atlanta’s integration with the world in their own way. Then we enjoyed a little walk on the Beltline to the Global Atlanta office!

The Atlanta Beltline is an unprecedented revitalization project turning old railroad right-of-way into a 22-mile ring of trails and transit that connects neighborhoods and aims to set the stage for an inclusive urban future.

The $5 billion project is also a focal point of international attention — from urban planners, infrastructure investors and even foreign technology companies drawn to its role in the City’s transformation.

Now it’s your chance to see up close a gem hidden right under your nose. On April 19, crawl the Beltline with two of the city’s premier international organizations — both Beltline businesses — while learning from Atlanta Beltline Inc. CEO Brian McGowan why this is a once-in-a-generation economic development opportunity that will set Atlanta apart in the world.

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