Webinar: accessing SBA loans and insurance coverage related to COVID-19

Despite a lot of information available online related to COVID-19 responses for businesses, many companies encounter difficulties in practice to access the SBA loans. A specific problem our Chamber would like to help solve is the situation of foreign-owned companies, or of companies whose bank does not participate in the SBA lending program. We are therefore organizing a webinar on Monday to discuss these issues as well as the hot topic of insurance coverage during this pandemic.

Questions that will be addressed by our panelists:

· What if my company is foreign-owned?
· What if my bank does not participate in the SBA lending program and/or the bank I contacted does not accept new clients for these applications?
· What if I am not a US citizen (green card holder or residing in the US on a visa)?
· Where might my company expect insurance coverage to apply to COVID-19?
· How have various governments reacted to insurance coverage issues for COVID-19?
· What sort of coverage is available for similar future pandemics?

Followed by a Q&A:

Meet our experts:

Maura McKenna, Senior Vice President and Senior Relationship Manager
Private and Entertainment Banking
City National Bank, Atlanta office

Maura McKenna has more than three decades of financial services experience, providing solutions to entrepreneurs, their businesses and their families in the Atlanta area. She earned her juris doctor degree from Georgetown University and has been an active speaker in the areas of real estate finance and taxation.

She can be reached at Maura.McKenna@cnb.com

Christophe Van Gool, Director
Global Solution
Epic Insurance Brokers and Consultants

Christophe is originally from Belgium, and has worked in the insurance industry for his entire career throughout several countries in Europe. He is currently the Director of Global Solutions at EPIC and advises foreign-owned companies in the US on risk management and insurance issues. He is invited to speak regularly on panels in Europe on US product liability and insurance related topics.

He can be reached at christophe.vangool@epicbrokers.com.


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