Brigitte Vantieghem

Brigitte Vantieghem



Brigitte Peleman-Vantieghem is an Atlanta entrepreneur and the former CEO of Peleman Industries. She serves on the board of PMDA and Image Alliance and Belgian American Chamber of commerce.

Brigitte served on the Board of Directors of Unibind Singapore, Unibind Japan, Unibind China, Unibind Belgium, and others. Peleman-Vantieghem is based at the companys headquarters location in Atlanta, Georgia, which she founded in 1998. Peleman-Vantieghem made her mark by guiding the organization in developing world-renowned products and sales channels that would allow customers to benefit from new opportunities in the retail, graphic arts, and photography markets. Two major, technological revolutions  one each in print and photography — were navigated successfully by Peleman-Vantieghem throughout the 2000s. Ultimately, her vision resulted in the companys leading global position as the premier manufacturer of photo books. Peleman-Vantieghems development of wide-reaching office and photo sales networks, and consumer/retail markets, resulted in partnerships with world-famous brands including Apple, Fuji, and Kodak; and with retailers such as CVS, Sams Club, Target, Walgreens, and Walmart. Today, Peleman-Vantieghem made sure the next era at Peleman Industries is ready, beginning with new product groups correlating with new Vpaper and Photomore, as well as, legacy Unibind brands. Peleman Industries’ numerous honors garnered during Peleman-Vantieghems tenure include multiple times inc. 5000 and the Atlanta Business ChroniclePacesetter Award, for which Peleman Industries was selected, three times, as one of the fastest-growing businesses in Georgia. Peleman-Vantieghem is an active philanthropist and a long-term member of the Belgian-American Chamber of Atlanta, for which she served as president from 2009-2013 and again since November 2019.